Thursday, December 1, 2016

New edition of Dutch handbook on health education

This week the new edition of our book 'Gezondheidsvoorlichting en gedragsverandering' (Health education and behavior change) was published. Dr. Patricia van Assema of Maastricht University and Prof. Lilian Lechner of the Dutch Open University were my co-editors. The book provides a comprehensive overview for planning, preparing, conducting and evaluation of health education and health behavior change interventions. The book is structured according to a planning model that includes analyses of health and quality of life, the underlying health behaviors and the determinants of engaging in these behaviors, as well as behavior change strategies tailored to these determinants. The Intervention Mapping approach is presented as a means
to translate the information from these analyses into actual interventions. The book has further chapters on different settings for health education, implementation and dissemination of interventions, and on evaluation of health education interventions. The second part of the book presents real-life examples of intervention development and evaluations.