Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ENDORSE (environmental determinants of obesity related behaviors in Rotterdam schoolchildren)

Dr. Klazine van der Horst defended her thesis today on the exploration of environmental determinants of overweight and energy-balance behaviours in Dutch youth. Het thesis is based on the ENDORSE (environmental determinants of obesity related behaviors in Rotterdam schoolchildren) study. This study is one of the first to systematically explore potential school environment, neighbourhood environment, family environment and personal correlates of behaviours that may induce unnecessary weight gain among adolescents. Her studies indicate that social environmental influences, especially parental influences such as food and physical activity related parenting practices and parental modelling behaviour, may be more important than physical environmental factors, i.e. factors related to availability and accessibility of healthy food and physical activity options.
It is very likely that the present-day obesity epidemic is caused by changes in the physical environment, i.e. changes towards an overabundant accessibility of energy-dense foods and towards a lack of unavoidable or necessary daily physical activities. However, in this physical environment, it appears that other factors, such as social environmental influences, now discriminate between young people who engage more or less in obesogenic behaviours.

The published papers included in Klazine's thesis are:

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