Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short research seminar to kick off collaboration between EMGO+ and Philips Research

On March 2 2010, Rob Udink and Wim Stut from Philips research in Eindhoven visited the EMGO Institute for health and Care Research. They provided a short symposium on Philips’ activities in the rationale for and the development of IT-supported tailored Behavioral change interventions to assist and facilitate patients’ self management. This meeting marked the start of a collaborative research project of Philips Research and the EMGO+ Institute in which such behaviour change interventions will be tested and evaluated. The EMGO+ Institute has much expertise on the development, evaluation and implementation of computer-tailored health education.
The collaboration will be materialized in a joint research project that will result in a PhD thesis to be defended at the EMGO+ institute by a research fellow employed by Philips Research.