Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two new professors held their inaugural addresses

On Thursday September 9, professors Tineke Abma and Guy Widdershoven held their inaugural addresses. Both professors are with the department of Medical Humanities and the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research at the VU University Medical Center.

Professor Abma accepted her chair with an impressive and powerful presentation on the importance participation of patients –or the word clients is better if participation is indeed realized – in health care, and elderly care more in particular. Her address was based on her research in homes for the elderly. The grant finale of her speech was showing a clip of the Zimmers performing the Who’s ‘My Generation’. The Zimmers are a band of 50 elderly, “consisting of around 50 people with a cumulative age of around 3700, the band are here to challenge a whole host of misconceptions about the elderly by taking them on a true rock 'n' roll journey. The band celebrate all that old age should be.”

Professor Widdershoven used the work of second century men of arms and philosopher Marcus Aurelius to build a case for true empirical medical ethics research. The larger part of his address was on presented the aims and process of and research on moral deliberation projects.