Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exercise = medicine in cancer rehabilitation?

These days the UK National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference is held in Liverpool, UK. Yesterday afternoon a special symposium was held on primary and secondary cancer prevention, with a specific emphasis on lifestyle interventions. The session is chaired by Prof Annie Anderson from the University of Dundee, with contributions from Profs Wendy Demark Wahnefield from the University of Alabama and Michelle Harvie from the University Hospital South Manchester. My talk was on he importance of physical activity for cancer survivors. Evidence from recent meta analyses suggest that physical activity is important -not only for cancer prevention- but also for cancer rehabilitation. It is, however, unclear what the frequency, intensity, type or duration of physical activity is best, and what important mediators of moderators for the positive effects of physical activity and exercise are. Ongoing research at our center, especially the Alpe H'Huzes Cancer Rehabilitation program (A-CaRe) and Predicting OptimaL cAncer Rehabilitation and Supportive care Polaris study, will contribute to further insights in why, what and for whom physical activity for cancer patients and survivors is important.
(Since arriving in Liverpool, the Beatles can not be avoided.)