Friday, January 2, 2009

The A-Care research program can start

Just before Christmas the Dutch Cancer Society provided us with their review of the Alp D’Huzes Cancer Rehabilitation (A-Care) study proposals.

A-Care is an integrated multicenter program to develop, evaluate and implement evidence-based cancer rehabilitation programs in Dutch health care. The research sub program is coordinated by the EMGO Institute, the implementation subprogram will be coordinated by the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

The study proposals for the research subprogram were submitted for review to the Dutch Cancer Society, and just before Christmas we received word from them that two of the four studies can go ahead, testing physical activity based cancer rehabilitation in randomized controlled trials among adults after chemotherapy and for children after cancer treatment. Two other studies, looking al physical activity based cancer rehabilitation among adults during chemo and for stem cell therapy patients, will need to revised and resubmitted.

Alp D’Huzes is a foundation that is tremendously successful in acquiring sponsorship for cancer research. Their main event is a cycling classic in June, the fourth of June in 2009, going up and down the Alp D’Huez mountain six (or more) times. This year I plan to participate myself (see and the VU University and the VU University Medical Center have both agreed to sponsor me for 2500 Euros each. The last couple of days with great ice on the Dutch canals I have been trying to stay fit by long distance skating. Please see the video or some pictures.