Sunday, January 24, 2010

Professor Winald Gerritsen is inaugurated as professor of medical oncology

Last Friday Winald Gerritsen held his inaugural address to accept his chair in medical oncology at the VU University Medical Center. Before a large audience, the VU University main auditorium was packed, he shared his work, plans and ambitions as related to detection, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
Dr. Gerritsen is director of the Cancer Center Amsterdam that joined forces with the VUmc Insitute for Cancer and Imunology to form CCA/V-ICI, directed by Prof. Peter Huijgens, the largest research institute of the VU University Medical Center next to the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research.
CCA/V-ICI and EMGO institutes work together in research on cancer rehabilitation in the A-CARE (Alpe D'Huzes Cancer Rehabilitation) program, psychosocial support for cancer patients (led by Professor Irma Verdonck), and on end of life care.

Winald, Irma and myself will all join to participate in this years Alpe D'Huzes event: cycling up and down Alpe D'Huez mountain to raise money for research to improve quality of life for cancer patients and survivors.

See Irma's and my own Alpe D-Huzes action pages for some more information.