Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alpe D’HuZes is close

Just over 1 week to go before I will try to cycle up and down Alpe D’Huez mountain for the Alpe D’Huzes (“Alp –six-times”) event to raise funding for cancer research. The Alpe D’Huzes foundation has organised this event now for the forth year in a row, each year raising more money to support important cancer-related research. The EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research coordinates an Alpe D’HuZes funded research program on effectiveness of cancer rehabilitation interventions, and will host an endowed chair on psychosocial support for cancer patients.

On June 4, the cycling event will covered live on line via live.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl. Please visit http://deelnemers.alpe-dhuzes.nl/acties/HansBrug/Individuele-renners for more information on my personal sponsors for this fund raising event. The pictures attached to this message show the front and back of my shirt with the names of the larger sponsors that I will wear with pride on the day of the event.